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Rent XXX video straight to your phone. Choose from a massive database of titles, categories, and beautiful guys doing everything under the sun. Using the AdultAppMart in-app billing feature, get streaming porn anytime, anywhere, any way you want it.

The application connects to a RESTful web service written in PHP that allows it to retrieve the video content as well as content related information. The communication is done via HTTP using the default Java HTTP client and XML for data transfer. The web service APIs support retrieval of video content information ordered by date or popularity, the list of categories and sub-categories, content rating.

The application has a built-in auto update mechanism, that checks with the web service for an updated version of itself. When a new version is available, the application prompts the user, downloads the new version and installs over the existing application. The user data (such as favorites) is preserved by default.

The user interface is developed strictly in Java, without the use of XML layouts to allow better scaling of UI elements on different screen resolutions and densities.

Most of the application behaviour is parametrized, which means it can be easily adjusted (e.g graphics, menu layout and functionality) without needing to recompile the Java code.

The application integrates several advertising libraries, such as Google Admob, Mobclix, Reporo, Adultmoda. The app can be easily set up to display ads for any of the supported advertising companies.

The application integrates the ACRA crash reporting tool for Android (http://code.google.com/p/acra/), that allows the developers to check the crash reports of their apps. Combined with the auto update mechanism, this ensures that the application stability is maintained and improved over time.

The application also features the integration of AdultAppMart in-app billing library, which allows developers to sell digital content in their applications (such as photos, videos or even an entire category). With an AdultAppMart account, users can buy any content they want using AdultAppMart’s built-in currency.

Other application features are the favorites section, purchased content section, application sharing, help page, which can be either static HTML content or a web page.

This is the new back room, behind the beaded curtain… XXX movies fast, reliable, high quality. Enjoy multiple viewings, hot men, killer porn at your leisure.


  • Java
  • Android
  • PHP (web service)

Implementation details:

  • XML based communication with web service via HTTP (XML parser, HTTP client)
  • Crash reporting tool integration (ACRA)
  • Application auto-update mechanism
  • Advertising libraries integration: AdMob, MobClix, Reporo, AdultModa
  • Custom in-app billing library for AdultAppMart store
  • Full screen photo viewer with pinch zoom
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